One day event, several times a year

Focus Day

Hosted by an industry partner, with a guided visit of a cutting-edge facility like a spare parts distribution center or a manufacturing site

ISLA’s Focus Day is a unique event format that service leaders will hardly find at another international association: Focus Days are always hosted by an ISLA Member or another OEM partner who offers the great opportunity of visiting a cutting-edge facility such as parts distribution centers, maintenance shop floors, manufacturing sites, or service competence centers. Experienced speakers share their views, present case studies, and are available for in-depth Q&A session. This kind of event allows a very focused approach to specific aftermarket-related topics as Service Digitalization, Parts Logistics Innovation, Inventory Management, Industrial 3D Printing, Predictive Maintenance, and more. Like at all ISLA events, the networking and learning from one another inspires, enables to review the own strategy, and helps to define “best in class”.

Upcoming Focus Days

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